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"Young and stupid". Hierarchical games in the Russian society

In hierarchical societies roles between members are clearly defined. So are areas of responsibility and perimeter of actions. If members of a lower hierarchical level attempt to break the rules, they are severely reprimanded by higher level’ members.

Here is a brilliant example of hierarchy from an interview I’ve recently watched.

Semyon Treskunov, a young Russian actor, expressed his political views on social media, supporting the opposition. This created an emotional reaction from Nikita Mikhalkov, an experienced and well-known Russian filmmaker.

Have a look at the arguments that Nikita Mikhalkov, supported by the writer Mikhail Shakhnazarov, used to put Semyon in his place:

“He (Mikhalkov) has got the truth . You, at 21 y.o. can't have any truth, do you understand? Were you in the army, by the way? I doubt it, Semyon. And throwing it in the face of a grown-up, experienced, honoured man that he is a scoundrel… Do you mean it? Where were you brought up? I'll tell you this, Semyon, you are a stupid, young, but not an indifferent man…”

The age, as well as the social status (inexperienced, haven’t been in the army) are the main levers of hierarchical pressure here and public shaming is used to discourage ‘rebellious’ behaviour.

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