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Ride slower - you will get further

Тише едешь - дальше будешь.

"Ride slower - you will get further" is a Russian proverb praising one of the biggest values of Russian culture: patience.

The saying might seem paradoxical at first glance. Its essence though is to encourage slow thinking and thorough work for better results in the future.

To understand where this expression comes from, we need to go back to the times where horses were the main means of transportation.

Rushing your horse meant that it could get tired before you get to your destination.

Therefore, a better tactic would be to ride slowly but surely.

Patience is a virtue that is deeply ingrained in the Russian mindset. In popular sayings it often comes as a pair ‘patience & perseverance’. Here are a few examples:

1. With patience and persistent work, one can overcome all obstacles

(Терпение и труд все перетрут)

2. Even Moscow wasn’t built overnight

(И Москва не сразу строилась)

3. If there is patience, there will be skill

(Есть терпение — будет умение)

For business, it means that patience should be taken into account in:

  • Negotiations

    • Don’t get discouraged by ‘slow’ progression. Time is a test of true interest

  • Relationship-building

    • Allow enough time for the personal connection to be established

  • Project management

    • Time is a relative matter. Focus on human connections to get things done

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