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At Cultureyes, we help businesses build cultural awareness and change perspectives.

We make businesses thrive in today’s interconnected world by providing keys for cultural understanding of people you work with - colleagues, partners, clients and prospects.

What if you took another pair of eyes to enhance the success of your business?

Services we offer

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Intercultural Training

Increase your business’ potential by integrating cultural insights in your strategy

One-to-one Cultural Coaching

Benefit from personal training to enhance your leadership skills

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Country-Specific Consulting

Prepare yourself for effective business collaboration with a foreign country

Our approach


Cultureyes makes sure that the theoretical part of the training is relevant to you and easy to digest. Complex theories are kept in the background, training provides essential and applicable knowledge. We take care of your time and we focus on your business needs. We want you to get tangible results for your business.


Our programmes are adapted to your business needs:

Format: One-to-one consulting or group training

Duration: From 2h introductory session to a 2-day workshop

Location: Interactive online event or in-person training at your location

Training type: Focussed on a specific skill (e.g. leadership, management, working in teams) or general cultural awareness


Playful & Inspirational

At Cultureyes, we believe in learn-by-play methods. Playing allows us to learn to the best of our capacity. Whether in online training or in person, we use effective methods to instil knowledge in our participants. Get ready to be involved, immersed and engaged in learning process! Our training is anything but boring.



Allow a new paradigm to yourself and your business. We believe in business evolution via learning and  switching perspectives. In our training, we encourage you to question common perceptions. We believe that any successful business must be capable of adopting new approaches to succeed in a global setting.

Client Testimonials


Our company has recently entered a new market and we have realised that there was a need for cultural training. We were missing important cues to understand our foreign partners, negotiations were not following the expected route, tension was building up. The training helped to build teams’ confidence to operate successfully in the new environment.  We were provided helpful tips and practical advice on the ways to deal with the unknown. I can’t thank Cultureyes enough!

Vincenzo, CEO, Italy

Cultureyes provides training that goes beyond the status quo. They break boundaries and encourage the participants to explore all the nuances of work in an intercultural environment. Having this knowledge is empowering. Besides that, I would like to highlight the trainer’s personalised approach, listening skills and good mood which made a difference to this training.

Barbara, HR, Netherlands

I signed up for a country-specific online training to get prepared for a business trip to Russia, a country I was not very familiar with. The training met my highest expectations in terms of content and gave me the keys to communicate, manage and negotiate in the most efficient way within a new work setting.

Frederic, Global Category Manager, France

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